2015-2016 Season Comments:

The Bermuda Equestrian Federation (BEF) is delighted with the volunteer hours that their junior members have accrued in the prior years. Volunteering is so important to the growth of the entire equestrian community including harness racing.  The BEF Board recognize that, in addition to volunteering at horse shows and harness racing events, many juniors have expressed a willingness to assist in other BEF projects, such as those relating to the upkeep of the National Equestrian Centre (i.e. painting, cleaning jumps, course build, etc.) as well as at other BEF approved events. The BEF Board agreed that such volunteer hours should be recognized.

We are very proud of the DHPC junior members that came out and supported the DHPC clean-up.

Lucas Bridges

Candyce Martins

Casey Truran

Christian Truran

Kiwon Waldron

We would like to also take this opportunity to thank all those members and friends of the DHPC that also supported the clean-up days.  Our volunteers are appreciated and valued and without the volunteers this Club cannot hold race events and continue to develop.

Thank you,

Executive Committee 2015/2016

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