Join us for the D.H.P.C. Junior Pace 2018 Trip!

We are excited to announce that the DHPC are planning a summer excursion to the Meadowlands Pace in New Jersey during July 2018 and we would like to take as many juniors as possible!
The Meadowlands Pace has been held every year since 1977, and luckily for us the Meadowlands Race Track is in an area near a number of other tracks and a number of Standardbred barns.
It is our hope that the juniors who attend the trip will be able to meet some trainers and drivers and see the professional side of our sport that we all love so much.
We recognize that a trip like this requires funds to make it as great as we hope it to be.  We, therefore, have arranged a number of fundraising opportunities in the hopes that juniors (parents) and chaperones do not have to break the bank!
Dates for the trip are anticipated to be Thursday 12 July – Tuesday 17 July 2018, exact details of the itineraries will be developed shortly. If you are interested in participating in this trip please complete the attached form and return as soon as possible.
Planned fundraising so far:
  • FEI World Jumping Challenge Canteen Saturday 24 Feb 
  • FEI World Jumping Challenge Canteen Sunday 11 March
  • FEI World Jumping Challenge Canteen Saturday 31 March
  • Horse/Pony Shoeing Raffle (Donated by Murray Terceira Ferrier)
  • Trash-a-thon (NEW DATE - June 2, 2018) in conjunction with the KBB (pledge sheet available below)
Juniors will be expected to participate and contribute to the fundraising efforts in order to benefit from the funds raised for this trip.  We also encourage our adult membership to contribute where they can with these fundraising efforts.   
Anyone who can help with and contribute to the canteen in anyway (food donations, assisting in the canteen etc.) would be greatly appreciated.  Another way to contribute to the fundraising efforts is to sponsor the expense of some of the menu items which will be for sale in the canteen, as follows:
  • Case of hamburgers (72 count) from Butterfield & Vallis $74.15
  • Case of breaded chicken patties (35 count) from B&V $66.50
  • Case of French fries (6 bages per case) from B&V $37.50
  • Case of precooked bacon (300 slices) from B&V $42.50
Thanks in advance for your support of what we hope to be a fabulous experience for our juniors.
And don’t forget…wear your DHPC t-shirts when participating in all the fundraising efforts!!
Once we have anticipated numbers from the returned forms, we will organize a meeting to further discuss particulars with everyone. 
DHPC Junior Pace Trip Committee 

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