The first meeting of The Driving Horse & Pony Club of Bermuda (DHPC) was held on July 4, 1973 and even though the

purpose of the Club has transitioned from hosting driving shows to harness racing, the relaxation and enjoyment people

have in watching driving remains the same.


Harness racing is a worldwide sport but in Bermuda the challenge of racing has higher demands due to the size and shape

of our race track.  Competitors and spectators feel the power of the ponies as they strive to do what they do best which is go

fast and win.  This sport requires dedication, determination and commitment from its competitors but it is also dependent

upon a strong support group, like any other sport.  The Club’s Executive Committee, its membership and those that have

an interest in the Club are all volunteers and are committed to working together to ensure a strong foundation by which the

sport of harness racing can continue to develop and grow. 


The Executive Committee’s objective is to improve upon this sport and to provide social entertainment for families and

businesses.  This year’s harness racing season has attracted the highest level of junior drivers that the Club has had in many

years as well as seasoned drivers.  We therefore anticipate increased spectator attendance for this upcoming season.


The main events during the season continue to be the Best of Three Series, Boxing Day Stake Races and the Champion of

Champions weekend.


The Best 3 Series is held over three qualifying race days (October 13, November 11 & December 10, 2017) with the finals on

the fourth day (January 14).  There are three race categories which include the three year olds, the four year olds and

Aged ponies (ponies that are five years old and older).  The ponies accumulate points according to their finishing positions in 

every heat for the qualifying dashes and at the end of the qualifiers, the top four ponies will go through to the final dash on

January 14, 2018.  


The Boxing Day Stakes are held on Boxing Day and have proven year over year to be a spectator favorite.  There are four

race categories which include the two year olds, three year olds, four year olds and aged ponies.  The four fastest ponies from

each category will advance to the final dash while any remaining ponies in each category will advance to the consolation race

for that category. 


The Grand Finale of the harness racing season is the Champion of Champions which is held over the final two weekends of 

racing scheduled for January 27, 2018 and February 3, 2018 and involves the twelve fastest ponies for the 2017/2018 

season regardless of the age of the ponies.  These ponies will race it out to determine the ultimate winner and therefore 

the Champion of all Champions.

On Friday January 26, 2018 a Calcutta dinner will be hosted where the twelve ponies will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.   

The next day the top twelve ponies will draw for positions and there will be three races with each race having four

ponies competing.  The top four fastest average times will move onto the finals on February 3, 2018.  The Champion of

Champions finals will have two consolation heats for the ponies that did not make the cut and the final race of the top

four ponies will be held. Monies will be awarded to the person that purchases any of the top four ponies left standing in the

final race on February 3rd.

 The D.H.P.C. is an Approved Club of the Bermuda Equestrian Federation, the governing body of all equestrian events.


Colin Mello

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